Raspberry and Banana Milkshake

This raspberry and banana milkshake recipe is quick and easy to make. You need only a few ingredients and a blender, which makes it the perfect snack any time of the day, especially after school!

You’ll feel like a superhero as you breeze through your homework, especially once the antioxidants and nutrients kick in from the raspberries, not to mention all the energy that bananas provide you with.

So go on and put on your magic cape (or get out your ingredients) and let’s make a milkshake!

About the Ingredients

Raspberries. If you can, try to get your raspberries fresh off the farm or the grocery store because they will taste better. But, when that is not possible, use frozen raspberries.

Banana. Your bananas should be nice and ripe for a sweeter taste. They should be yellow, and not green. They can even have a few brown spots, as long as they are not mushy.

Milk. I like to use whole milk because it has a rich and creamy taste to it. But if you are allergic, you can use any kind of nut milk that you want.

Ice Cream. If you don’t have vanilla ice cream you can use another flavor that pairs well with banana. You can also use yogurt, honey and vanilla extract to flavour the milkshake.

This banana and raspberry milkshake is very delicious! I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.

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