Sunnidale Park in Barrie

If you’re looking for fun things to do in Barrie Ontario in the summer, then come and visit Sunnidale Park. The park is located at 265 Sunnidale Rd, Barrie. It is on a bus route, so there’s no excuse not to visit this beautiful and exciting park.

Sunnidale Park in Barrie Ontario
Sunnidale Park in Barrie Ontario

It is a nice park for the whole family to have fun. Kids can play in the playground, while adults can watch from the benches.

There are wide open fields for playing ball.

Wide Open Field for Playing Ball

Shaded areas with lots of picnic tables.

There’s even a wooded area with trails to go on a nature walk.

Another interesting feature is the arboretum, which is a botanical garden of trees. Many trees are labelled so you can see what type of tree it is and then go home and learn about it.

Sunnidale is one of my favourite parks in Barrie Ontario because there are so many things to do and explore!

Feeding the Squirrels and Chipmunks

One of my favourite things to do at Sunnidale is to feed the squirrels and the chipmunks! Did you know that they love peanuts?

The squirrels are a bit shy and don’t like to come too close, but the chipmunks are brave little things and will come right up to you and snatch them right out of your hands.

Even blue jays like to scoot down and grab a peanut every now and then. There are not many blue jays, but if you’re lucky you’ll get to see one. They are lovely birds!

One thing about the squirrel feeding area, which is located in the tranquillity garden, is all the mosquitoes! So make sure to bring some mosquito spray so you don’t get eaten by them.

Exploring the Arboretum

There are so many trees to see! There are pine trees, droopy trees, tall trees, small trees and funny-looking trees. I like taking pictures of them.

We even found a few mulberry trees with mulberries that you can eat! They are delicious.

And if you go up by the wooded area, we found some raspberry bushes in one area. They were delicious too.

In addition to all the interesting trees, there are also a lot of flowers for you to see. Some of them you can’t really smell, but others smell very nice.

There are lots of gravel pathways for you to ride a bike on. Or go for a walk with your family, including your dog.

Going on Picnics

There are lots of beautiful spots for you to lay out a picnic blanket to enjoy a family picnic. And if you don’t like to eat on the ground, you can find a nice picnic table.

There is even a sheltered area with some picnic tables. This is great on a rainy day.

Someone even practiced their drums out there the other day. It was nice to hear some music while we fed the squirrels and the chipmunks.

Playing on the Playground

Summidale has one of the best playgrounds in Barrie! There are three sections to the playground. One is for toddlers and smaller children, while one is for the bigger kids. Then another section has several swings.

My favourite thing about the playground is the zip line! I learned to go down the zipline by sitting down, but now I like to stand up and even jump up and down as I go zooming across.

They have swings, monkey bars, a big rock and a rope climbing structure, a couple of slides and other climbing structures.

There are usually a lot of kids here, so you get to play and make new friends every time you come to the park.

Best of all, it’s a good exercise to come out here and play.

Recreational Trails and Open Spaces

There are several open fields where you and your family and friends can set up and play ball. I like to practice my baseball and throwing skills out here. But there are so many other things that you can do in these fields.

On weekdays in the summer, they have summer camp with lots of activities for kids.

Another thing I like is exploring the trails in the woods. There are steep hills so you have to be careful that you don’t fall. And you have to be strong to make it back up the hills! So make sure to bring your water bottle so you can stay hydrated while exploring.

So there you have it on Sunnidale Park, straight from NormTopia! It is just one of the adventures in Barrie that you won’t want to miss.

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